Toni Boucher Position on Education

Growing up my father would always tell me “Education is everything; it is the way out of poverty; it is the path to freedom.” My father was uneducated and poor. He was an immigrant brought us to this country to find the American Dream for me and my brother. His life experiences opened his eyes to the importance of education, and his words continue to guide me in all I do today.  

Although CT has lost ground in affordability, our excellence in education continues to drive people from all over the country to move here. But our work is far from done, as we must always focus on enhancing education, and ensuring access to the best education across our state in every city and town.

Politicians like to say that they want to make a difference, but the only place where you can make a true long-lasting difference is in the home or at school. When a home fails a child, the child’s only hope is the classroom.

There have been many attempts by the legislature to regionalize our school systems, raising concerns that one of Connecticut’s greatest assets could potentially be weakened by removing local voices – including parents, teachers, and students – in decision making.

There is a better way to help all schools in our state succeed and give every child the best education and opportunities in every city and town in Connecticut. To achieve this, we must invest in underperforming schools and provide teachers with more tools to help the next generation thrive in a twenty-first century economy. This also entails increasing transparency and parental involvement in our schools. 

I am a mother and grandmother and understand that we all want what’s best for our children. Over the course of thirty years, I have also served as a former Wilton Board of Education Chair, State Board of Education member and co-chair of the State Senate Education committee. Education has driven my public service. I am proud to have received the Children’s Champion Award seven times. To retain and protect this precious Connecticut asset, education decisions must be made on a local level closest to students, teachers, and parents. 

That is why I support local voices in education and ensuring that education is always a top priority.