Toni Boucher has never stood on the sidelines. In her roles as a marketing and investment executive, State Representative and State Senator, Toni has built an unmatched record of success, team leadership, and bipartisan decision making.

Today, Tonis ready to step up again and serve as your Senator for the 26th District.

With her vast and diverse experience, Toni’s ready to work for you on the most important issues facing the people of the 26th District and the state of Connecticut.

1. Protect local control of education and respect parental involvement in our schools

We must make sure that our children have all the tools they need to realize their potential. Investment in our schools is more critical now than it ever has been. Decisions should be made locally and with the involvement of parents.  

2. Protect local control of our homes and our property rights

Zoning decisions are best made on a local level by local planning and zoning commissions with community input, not by the state and developers.

3. Make Connecticuts communities safer

Our number one responsibility as elected leaders is to keep our people and communities safe. Toni will continue her work to strengthen our criminal justice laws, and to give law enforcement all the tools they need to keep families safe.

4. Make Connecticut more affordable through tax relief

There’s so much to love about Connecticut, but it’s become unaffordable to live and do business here for too many people. Connecticut is one of the top states in the U.S. that has more people and jobs moving OUT than moving in. We must lower the tax burden on families and seniors; strive to lower healthcare and energy costs; and create a business environment that rewards hard work and makes it easier to create jobs.